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Home Land Septic Consulting has been serving Maryland for over 10 years. Our business is strictly focused on well and septic testing for the purposes of real estate transactions.  We do not provide services for remediation, which has allowed us to problem solve without outside influences.  Home Land Septic is completely impartial in the evaluation of your systems.

We are proud to say that we do not benefit from any remediations we see as necessary during our evaluations. We are strictly focused on evaluating and explaining current and potential problems with your well, septic and/or water systems.

Our Environmental Mission

Core Values

We maintain a results-driven team who expects to consistently meet or exceed our own high standards for performance, service, and value for our clients, the company, and our employees.

Our reputation for high quality service and professional integrity are our most important assets.

HLE fosters a culture of teamwork, mutual respect, and efficiency, creating an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel. A strong work ethic is essential for success, but employees should also have fun at work and enjoy their job.

Environmental Commitment

Reducing the negative environmental impact of our operations, and always manage our businesses to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources and promote sustainability. Helping customers and employees create a legacy by providing education, and resources to limit the environmental impact of OSDS systems. Create conducive workplace conditions that help all employees take personal responsibility for protecting the environment by promoting application of this policy to day-to-day activities at the workplace as well as at home.

Our Team

Tim Shotzberger


Eric Garrett

Field Manager

Jon Blevins

Environmental Inspector

Erin Moffett

Client Liaison

Jessica Harrington

Human Resources Manager

David Vincent

Environmental Inspector

Scott Thompson

Environmental Inspector

Holly Dennis

Scheduling Manager

Drew Henderson

Environmental Inspector

Laura Barnaba

Administrative Director

Kevin Barnaba

Lab Director

Alyssa Deares

Lab Technician

Tiffany Oxendine

Client Care Specialist

Conor MacDonald

General Laborer

Zachary Dick

Environmental Inspector

Heather Mazza

Accounting Specialist

Alissa Cook

Customer Service Administrator

Adam Brown

Environmental Inspector

Shane Evans

Environmental Inspector

Nick Riehl

Environmental Inspector

David Wessner

Environmental Inspector

Jen Muir

Customer Service Administrator


Home Lands customer service is outstanding. Everyone I have talked to has been so nice and your response time is so fast. It’s not often nowadays you get this kind of service so Thank You. Even my wife said your tester that came on site was so friendly and explained things to her very well. You all should be proud of your crew and the great service each person provides.

Chris Copeland

Great experience all around! Scott really took the time to explain the systems in detail to me. I can't tell you how helpful he was. Thank you!

Jon Schulman

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home with a very short time to have the inspections completed. We went with the first company that we found in our area that claimed to do septic inspections. The house has been unoccupied for a very long time besides the occasional check-in on the property by the family who lives out of state. The family could not remember the exact location of the septic and we were only able to get a general location of it from the 1970 installation records from the county. We called the first company, explained the situation, and let them know they would have to bring out the proper tools to locate the septic system because it was unmarked and there was no easy access to the plumbing work from the inside of the house. The realtor even called them the morning of the inspection and said they would need a pinger to help find it. They showed up with only a soil probe and said the pinger was being used at another location and wouldn’t work anyway. He probed the soil for 15 minutes, called the office, talked to them, and they said they would need to dig up around the foundation to find the existing pipe and then dig out from there to find the tank. They charged us $135 dollars for this and wanted to add on another $75 because they drove the truck out to clean the tank! That evening my wife got online and came across Home Land Septic Consulting and I am so happy she did. Even though they were pretty far away from the property they showed up on time, went right to work, and in under 5 minutes found both of the lids that had been buried for a pretty long time. They then dug up around the lids, opened the tank, inspected it with a pipe inspection camera, made sure it was up to standards and even gave us a lesson on how the septic tank worked and where all the other parts of the system were located in the yard and what could be added to the tank to make it easier to find and clean out the next time. They were super professional and polite, and it was just an all-around positive experience. Our only regret is that we did not call your company first. Our realtor took business cards from them and he typically only does that when he is going to refer his clients to a company. He was also very impressed with the service. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

Wesley White

We're in the process of closing on our future home in Carroll County. We had Home Land Septic come out to inspect the well and septic system. We were greeted by David and he was very professional and informative. I received a very detailed inspection report along with the county records and recorded video of the inside of the septic drain system. I was very impressed with the level of detail that was provided within the report. It included everything you would want to know about the condition of your well and septic system. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have there system inspected.

Brandon Alfred

'Home Land' is awesome. An expert in the well and septic world, who I have called upon many times for my buyers and sellers. I highly recommend them.

Pamela Stone