Maryland Well Chlorination

About the Chlorination Process

If bacteria does show itself in a sample, then the well needs to be chlorinated or “shocked.” Home Land Septic Consulting chlorinates wells to better service its’ clients.

During the chlorination process, the well cap is removed and well sanitizer (chlorine) tablets are put into the well. The amount of chlorine will differ with each well. The amount is determined after considering the depth, water level, and flow rate of the well.

Chlorinated water is recirculated into the well casing with a garden hose for an extended period of time. Water is then sent through all the faucets of the house for 15 minutes or so, until chlorine is present in all plumbing lines.

Procedures for the Homeowner After the Initial Procedure

The water should be kept off and not used for a pre-determined number of hours — at least 16 hours or more; this usually puts us to the morning of the following day. At this point, the homeowner is responsible to flush the chlorinated water out with an outside garden hose. The goal of this is to get all of the chlorinated water out of the well so that the fresh water can be re-sampled for bacteria. This can take as little a three hours or as long as an entire day — each well is different.

We will supply you with chlorine test kits. You will receive a limited number of these kits, so please space out your usage. The powder in these kits should be dropped into two to three ounces of water. If the water turns pink, then there is still chlorine in the well. The darker the shade, the more chlorine there is in the water. The re-sampling of the bacteria cannot be performed if there remains chlorine in the water. If we are called out (or not cancelled) to take the bacteria sample with chlorine in the water, a trip charge will apply.

The object is for the chlorine to sit in the well and plumbing and kill off any bacteria. In order to sample the water again, the water needs to run, so that ALL the chlorine flushes out of the plumbing. Chlorination is not a guarantee that bacteria will not be present in further samples. There is always a possibility that bacteria may be running into the well with the ground water. If this is the case, an ultraviolet water filter must be installed.

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