Pennsylvania Well Yield Testing

How a Septic System Works

A Well Yield Test is a timed-test to determine how many gallons per minute a well system can produce. 

A Well Yield Test will show:

  • A functioning well pump and pressure tank.
  • If a well is running dry or lacks sufficient recuperation.
  • The reserve amount sitting in the well.
  • If the buyers would have to stretch the time between running water: showers, laundry, car washing, dish washer, etc.

Home Land Septic Consulting offers both a full, 3-hour Well Yield Test and a shorter, but less accurate, 1-hour Modified Yield Test.

3-Hour Yield Test


This more accurate, 3-hour test provides sufficient time to run through the reserve of the well, so that the actual amount of water falling into it from the ground can be seen — which by definition, is the well yield.

Modified, 1-Hour Yield Test


This is a shorter, less accurate stress test. It gives the buyer a high level view of the overall performance of the well and pumping system, but may not represent the true statistics of the well, as the 3-hour test will do.

During a Well Yield Test, Home Land Septic Consulting will run water from the well and measure this water in consistent intervals, with five gallons of water being the sample amount at each of these intervals. For best results, water should be taken directly from the pressure tank whenever possible. The last 5-gallon reading is determined to be the “well flow” or “yield” for that well.

Because water runs through the bottlenecks of the well pump and pressure tank, 10-12 gallons per minute is usually the best result for the test. This number may differ from the well yield results produced at the time of drilling, as the bottleneck will have been eliminated.

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Did You Know?

A typical family of four uses approximately 250 gallons per day.